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Contact Center CX
  • QVOICE Contact Center: CX is a native extension of the Business Phone System.  Staff members can be added to CX queues as agents and retain the same extension and Desktop, Web or Mobile experience while they engage with the customers or other team members.   

  • Measure your team performance and your customer satisfaction.  QVOICE CX provides you with the tools to improve performance of your teams using statistics, analytics, call recordings and customer behavior.

  • Go beyond Voice!  Engage your customers using SMS, Web Chat, Email and Social such as Facebook, WhatsApp and others.  QVOICE CX provides a unified engagement experience with your customers across all communication mediums. 

Exclusive Services

CX Queues

Don't just send your customers to voicemail or worst yet reject the call with a busy tone when you or your team are on the call.  Have your customers wait a few minutes listening to music or your pre-recorded messages while one of your team members becomes available.  The queues will connect the waiting customer to next available staff member or agent as soon as they become available.  Your business can have a queue for each department such as Sales, Finance or Support in order to serve our customers better.  


CX Queue Callback

If a customer does not want to wait for the next available staff member or agent, they can choose to receive a callback as soon as the next available staff member is available.  They will still remain in the priority queue and will not loose their place but will not have to wait on the phone  


CX Queue Failover & Missed Call Notification

Nobody will wait forever, therefore if too much time has passed and the customer is still waiting, QVOICE queues can transfer the customer to a voicemail or another priority queue where other staff members who are less busy can take the call.  Furthermore, with abandoned call notifications you can be notified via email that a customer call was missed and the team can choose to call the customer back at a later time.


CX Queue Team Analytics

Know which team members are preforming well and which need more training by quickly reviewing team performance analytics for each QVOICE queue.  View statistics such as percentage of calls received, successfully answered or failed to answer.  Listen to recordings in order to review actual performance and train new staff on how to properly communicate to customers.


CX Queue Priority

Make sure you answer important calls by publishing special numbers to your special clients and customers.  If an important customer calls a special, priority number they will be put in front of the queue and be answered quickly even though other customers have been waiting longer.  Its not fair, but not all customers have same importance to you and your company.


CX Queue Real Time Analytics

Know what is going on in real time, by monitoring the queues using the supervisor view.   How many customers are waiting and for how long? What is the staff team doing at the moment?  How many are on break and how many are currently serving customers?  Who has been talking for too long and not using their time efficiently?

CX Analytics
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