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Communication and Collaboration has evolved across integrated Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps!  There is no reason for your communication tools be isolated from the way you perform your business.

QVOICE seamlessly integrates communications across Desktop, Web, Mobile and Desk Phones, in order to allow you to do your business from any device, anywhere in the world. 

Communicate and engage your customers more efficiently using Voice, Text, Web Chat, Email and Social platforms such as  WhatsApp via QVOICE CX customer experience platform.  


QVOICE Desktop & Web apps allow you to communicate with your team and your customers using your desktop or laptop computer via voice, video or chat from anywhere in the world.


QVOICE Mobile apps allow you to communicate with your team and your customers using your mobile smart phone, iOS or Android using voice, video or chat from anywhere in the world.


QVOICE Teams take simple chat to the next level of collaboration.  Drastically increase productivity via Teams collaboration by integrating chat, group chat, file share, voice and video meetings in one unified desktop or mobile platform.  


QVOICE supports the latest Polycom Yealink, Cisco and with Zero touch provisioning using QVOICE portal.  


Phone System

Alec receives a call, customer wants to speak to Sally.   Alec presses a phone button labeled Line 1 to put the call on hold.  The Line 1 button lights up, indicating that customer is waiting.  Alec dials the paging button and announces that Sally should pick up Line 1.  Sally goes to her phone sees Line 1 phone button blinking.  She presses the button to pick up the call and talk to the customer.  


Alec is working on a document and needs to ask Sally a quick question.  Instead of calling only to find out that Sally is busy,  Alec uploads his document and texts Sally the question using QVOICE Teams.  Sally is in not at her desk, but her mobile QVOICE Teams app notifies her of Alec's question.  Sally is able to answer the question from her mobile and if need be call Alec back directly from Teams.   Alec can choose to share his desktop screen and Sally can view it on her mobile. 

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Alec loves his laptop, it allows him to work from anywhere.  He can be found in a empty boardroom or on office lounge couch with his headset on.  With QVOICE Desktop app, Alec can continue to receive calls as if he is at his desk and continue to be productive. 

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Sally is constantly travelling to and from customers, she is never at her desk.  Sally uses the QVOICE mobile app to keep her cell number private, and at same time receive business calls or SMS messages while on the go as if she is at her desk.  When LTE reception is poor, Sally can dial QVOICE app in callback mode and have the QVOICE cloud connect her to her customers via native cell network.   

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Bob is the office manager who is responsible for all three office locations in his company.   Using the QVOICE cloud admin portal, Bob can maintain, operate and configure mixture of Polycom, Yealink and Cisco phones from anywhere.   With simple web interface he can add Sallys new speed dial button, or provision a phone for a new hire starting on Monday.    

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QVOICE is founded by communication industry veterans with an engineering DNA. We build our own technology and solutions in order to provide the most effective and simple to use business communication system on the market.    QVOICE has an agile philosophy that technology should conform to the user instead of opposite. 


QVOICE believes that communication is not bound to a place or technology.   Technology is built to solve complex human problems and must adapt and work seamlessly to facilitate effective communications.   Everything we build must work on Desktop, Web and Mobile so that our customers have full flexibility to roam and conduct their business under any circumstances.  


Communication is a critical service, thus the infrastructure that the solution is built on must be redundant and resilient to failure. 

QVOICE is built on top of a multi-tenant, geo-redundant cluster that is architected to provide redundancy not only across servers and data-centers, but across applications and interfaces.   

We have weaved this philosophy in how we build our solutions where each application and interface is designed to run in a cluster with multiple levels of redundancy in an active active deployment.


This means that the service is extremely resilient to failure!
QVOICE can survive a full data-center failure and still maintain quality of service.  




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